High Profile WordPress Websites [Updated]

One thing I’ve learned in my year as a freelance webdesigner is that focusing on specific niches is a good thing. It allows me to optimize processes, increase deployment speed and solve problems faster. More importantly, the lessons I learn, I can actually use in future projects; for instance, I have a growing folder called “unused designs”, which I always examine, in case I might find a starting point for a new client design.

One of my areas of focus, has been WordPress. I use it as a quickly deployed, free and open source CMS, which has a lot of community support and plugins. Sure, I’ve seen nicer interfaces and yes, some aspects of WordPress are awful. But WordPress is like democracy; it’s the worst form of government, ever, it’s just better than all the alternatives.

WordPress is branded like blogging software, however, and especially WordPress.com has done its share to pollute the brand. The result is that customers think every WordPress powered website will look like a blog, that is, an inversely chronological sequence of posts, and a long list of categories in the sidebar.

That’s totally wrong, of course, and should I need to convince anyone otherwise, I’ve started a list of noteworthy high-profile and un-blog-like websites which showcase that WordPress is more than a list of reasons why kittens are cute.

Please, contribute to this very incomplete list.

Updated: WordPress has an official showcase now.

One thought on “High Profile WordPress Websites [Updated]”

  1. petra says:

    I’d love for you to add my site to your list of highly customized wordpress sites – that don’t look like a blog. I’ve been told it’s the best looking real estate site in my area. I hope you think so too.

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