Twitter Keeps Resetting My Password

For the past two days, I’ve woken up to between 3 and 10 password-reset emails from Twitter, which indicate Twitters been involed in some kind of off-site phishing attempt. Are you getting these? My research has led me to sites that claim your password is too insecure (password is not a secure password) and other pages that claim you’re using a service not condoned by Twitter. I’m using Backupify, could that be it?

In hopes that this page will be Google-indexed as the go-to place for finding solutions to this, I encourage all of you to post your results in the comments. Thanks.

Responses to “Twitter Keeps Resetting My Password”

  1. I’m getting the same thing, and all I’ve got enabled under connections is ‘yfrog’. Maybe Twitter itself has been compromised? I haven’t seen any suspicious activity on my account or anything like that, so it’s a bit annoying to have to reset the password incessantly.

  2. I get these too and I’ve only got coTweet under connections. I only get it on one of my 3 accounts, though.

  3. Tamati says:

    ive had a few as well.. i was hacked once by opening spam. but since deleted my password and added a new one. was fine for a few months. now i get a reset every other day. how to stop?

  4. Mylinda says:

    I’m gett a Twitter password reset every day. Grrr

  5. jtimleck says:

    What I don’t get is why this is happening from twitter PROPER. “your account appears to have been compromised” , “it looks like you changed your password” etc. – WTH isn’t twitter more SECURE than this?

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