Day of the Tentacle & Nintendo DS: Sitting in a Tree

ScummVM [for DS] is an interpreter that allows you to play many point and click adventure games from the 80s and 90s on modern computers. […] ScummVM runs games from Lucasarts that were created using the SCUMM system (hence the name) but it has also been expanded to run games from many other developers too. […] This means that you can play all these classic games on the DS with full sound.

One please.

What If Life Were More Like An RPG [Update]

Armed with Final Fantasy 3 on my DS, the other day I was following the intricacies of a standard Final Fantasy quest. Explore the dungeon – fight the monsters – approach the throne – fight the baddie – save the crystal. The predictable formula made me wonder: What if life were more like an RPG? I imagine …

  • There would be a lot more pharmacies and armor stores.
  • It would be okay to kill someone, but only if they looked dangerous and the killing was for experience points.
  • Most people would look exactly like eachother.
  • There would be no cars, only airships.
  • Post offices would be entirely handled by little furry teddy bears.
  • In place of governments, there would be 4 crystals. Earth, wind, fire and water. Possibly more.
  • Hospitals would have it easier; casting “Phoenix Down” would resurrect people, “Hi-Potion” would heal wounds, and “Antidote” would cure all poisons.

Update 1: Some more gems, courtesy of Hans-Henrik, Titoonic‘s game designer:

  • If your friends were confused, they would start hitting you with big swords.
  • Blindness would be an instant affliction and instantly curable.
  • And of course bloody fanfares all the bloody time.

Nintendo Wii: Plays Weird Games, DVDs?

Since I purchased a DS lite a while back, Nintendo has reinvigorated my interest in videogames. The last time I had any interest in videogames (as in not PC games) was a time when the best console was called “Super Nintendo”.

Enter the Wii. Point the remote control at where you want to go, make flicks of your wrist to reload your gun, and swing it like a sword. Like the name, the concept has a very odd appeal. Add in the ability to play the Nintendo and Sega games backlog using the Virtual Console (Super Metroid, anyone?) and we almost have a winner.

Then there’s the issue of DVDs. Apparently, Wii was initially supposed to be able to play DVDs. Then that feature was removed. Now Nintendo plans to either release a DVD capable Wii in the latter half of 2007, or maybe it’s a software upgrade that’ll work with existing Wiis.

Which is it? I, for one would like to be able to scrap all the stuff that’s currently below my TV with a single sexy black box.

Your thoughts: to Wii or not to Wii?